‘Aloha BBQ’: New short story in ‘Crime Factory’


My new short story ‘Aloha BBQ’ appears in the noir journal Crime Factory. You can buy it HERE or at Amazon.com for Kindle or as a Paperback.

Here’s the blurb:

Issue 15 of the award-winning Crime Factory noir journal, which, along with all the fiction and features you’ve come to expect, features a triple-serving of true crime reportage and first-hand accounts.

Up first, California lifer Justin Kirk writes exclusively for Crime Factory about his role in thwarting what the press dubbed the “Hemet Attacks” on the Hemet Police Department, and in stopping an assassination of a police officer. Journalist and regular contributor Tom Darin Liskey recounts getting mixed up with bikers and drug dealers in St. Louis in his teens. And Steve Peacock takes us through his difficult journal in seeking justice and peace after being shot in the line of duty. On top of this, we have interviews with author of the Calvino series, Christopher G. Moore; an interview with The Dead Women of Juarez author Sam Hawken; Benjamin Welton dissecting Lon Chaney’s silent crime film, The Penalty; John Harrison guiding us through the pre-Comics Code Authority American crime comic books.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also original fiction from Matthew Asprey; Christopher Irvin; Dan Frazier; Beverley Fitzgerald; Simon Jacobs, and Tom See.

And some reviews as the cherry on top. Get on it. If you were a crime journal, it would read you.

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