‘Dog City’ in Crime Factory 16

October 13, 2014 § Leave a comment


Cover by Luci Everett

My novella for 2014, Dog City, appears complete in the latest issue of Crime Factory (#16).

A synopsis: Perth trumpet player Finch has been gambling again. When the mob comes to collect, Finch bolts for the Western Australian highway. His old Datsun leaves him stranded in his hometown, the failed industrial city of Brandenford, and the mob tracks him down. Luckily Finch finds himself under the protection of Brandenford’s number one jazz fan, Alan Gotch, who has lately made it big in business and local politics. But Finch will soon discover that Gotch isn’t offering protection for free….

You can buy a PDF ebook version or a Kindle ebook at Amazon.com or grab the print edition at Amazon.com or Createspace.

There’s plenty more to enjoy in the issue, including short fiction by JOSEPH L. MYERS; LY DE ANGELES; CHRISTOPHER E. LONG; J. M. TAYLOR; E. A. AYMAR; ANDREW RHODES; & DEBORAH SHELDON.

More information is at Crime Factory.


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