Interview with Jonathan Rosenbaum

March 14, 2015 § Leave a comment


My brief interview with American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum appears in the new ‘Writers at the Movies’ issue of Contrappasso Magazine, which I co-edited with Noel King. It also appears online at

Rosenbaum is one of the most respected film critics in the United States. His many books include Moving Places: A Life in the Movies (1980/1995), Placing Movies: The Practice of Film Criticism (1995), Movies as Politics (1997), Movie Wars: How Hollywood and the Media Limit What Films You See (2000), Essential Cinema: On the Necessity of Film Canons (2004), and Goodbye Cinema, Hello Cinéphilia: Film Culture in Transition (2010).

Rosenbaum has also been a lifelong champion of Orson Welles. Many of his writings on Welles are collected in Discovering Orson Welles (2007). He also edited and annotated This Is Orson Welles (1992/1998), an assembly of the legendary Peter Bogdanovich-Orson Welles interviews.

This brief conversation, an update on Rosenbaum’s recent activities, was conducted by email in early 2015 for Contrappasso.

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[The cover photo of Contrappasso: Writers at the Movies is ‘Popcorn’ by Vegan Feast Catering @ Flickr. Used under CC / Altered from original.]


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