Lewis and Loeb

Last seen in the obscure 2005 short story ‘Schwartzberg’s Garden’, Matthew Asprey’s Lewis is back in a new comic misadventure!

The place is Tbilisi, crumbling capital of post-Soviet Georgia. Our expatriate Australian hero, author of ‘magisterial novels of the ancient world’, is in town to work as historical consultant on the sword-sandal-and-sex TV series Caledonian Blood. A thousand euros a week would not normally persuade Lewis to lend his good name to such trash; he’ll only do it as a favour for his brother-in-law, a depressed and cuckolded Polish TV producer.

But when a pregnancy test threatens to cause havoc in Lewis’s family-by-marriage, Lewis may need to rely on more than his Loeb Classical Library to hold the clan together…

Lewis and Loeb is available as an ebook (in many formats including Kindle and PDF) @Smashwords or you can buy the Kindle ebook @Amazon.com

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