Red Hills of Africa

Originally published as a limited edition chapbook in 2009, Red Hills of Africa is Matthew Asprey’s comic novella of dangerous erotic entanglement and literary obsession. The story begins at an academic conference in Madrid, where a young Australian vegan presents a quixotic paper on the hidden herbivorous tendencies in late Ernest Hemingway. Afterwards, with an international group of scholars and hangers-on, our vegan hero cruises Hemingway’s classic Madrid haunts – El Botin and Chicotes. This long night of absinthe-fueled confession, drunken debauchery, and sexual desperation has unforeseen consequences for all the characters.

From the streets of contemporary Madrid to the souks of Marrakech and onwards into the Atlas Mountains, Red Hills of Africa dramatizes the allure of literary pilgrimage as well as the dangerous pursuit of the pleasures of transgression. It also fondly explores the paradoxes of Ernest Hemingway.

“Asprey’s novella is a jeu d’esprit, at once satirising the academy in terms not dissimilar to David Lodge while simultaneously capturing some of the brio and comedy of [Anthony] Burgess’s own depictions of the tourist let loose in Morocco in Enderby Outside.” – Jim Clarke, International Anthony Burgess Foundation

“Red Hills of Africa” is somewhat in the vein of Malcolm Bradbury/David Lodge satires on academic life – but with a lot more international travel involved. There was one particular passage about going through customs and immigration in Morocco which was so funny it nearly made me choke on my beer. I have committed the lines to memory in case I ever go there (although I don’t suppose I will have the nerve to actually say them to a Moroccan passport official….)” – Paul Samael, Free Fiction Review

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