Sonny’s Guerrillas

Restless and impoverished, a young Australian composer seizes the opportunity to write the soundtrack for an ultra-low budget and politically explosive historical film about the Greek Civil War.

Set in Athens and on location on the picturesque Aegean island of Katastari, Sonny’s Guerrillas dramatizes the 2008 Athens riots and the world of contemporary guerrilla filmmaking. It is also a sardonic dispatch from the underground, a chronicle of the political, artistic and erotic adventures of a multi-national twentysomething generation drifting through an unsettled globalised Europe.

“This novella about making an indie movie reminded me of a cross between Hearts of Darkness (a documentary about one or two, er, minor difficulties encountered by Francis Ford Coppola during the making of the film Apocalypse Now) and The Beach by Alex Garland (Lord of the Flies for the backpacker generation) – but with the action shifted from south-east Asia to Greece during the first throes of the financial crisis. It’s well written and sharply observed, with a very distinctive narrative voice. Although short (18,000 words), it’s just the length it needs to be (I am fed up with 400 page tomes that could have said what needed to be said in a quarter of that length – long live the novella!)….The extensive and multi-national cast of supporting players provides scope for some interesting observations about the casual racism and brutality lurking just beneath the veneer of European civilisation.” – Paul Samael, Free Fiction Review

“A humorous yet heartfelt telling of an expat’s travels through unsettled, anarchic Greece, conveying the universal disenchantment at the loss of reason in the very place democracy was born, and how this has affected travellers and locals alike. Richly told and explored characters, intimate rendezvous and lively dialogue. A piquant story not overshadowed by the tone of sincere admiration for a world during a defining point in history, brilliantly and faithfully illustrated and brought to life through the author. Told from an endearing personal account that is both salacious and poignant.” – Sonny Bolisha, Smashwords

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[Photo by Piazza del Popolo @ Flickr. Used under a CC licence.]